Do you charge delivery charges or fuel costs?

  • Yes, due to the economic situation with rising fuel costs we do charge fuel costs depending how far we have to travel.


What does being a custom, full-service caterer mean?

  • A custom, full-service caterer is someone that can handle all the details of the event and then refer you to florists, decorators and locations available for your event.


What is the process for planning an event?

  • Choose a caterer and a date.
  • Reserve your date with the caterer by paying a deposit.
  • Plan your menus and the type of service.
  • It is important to go over all of the details about a week before with your caterer and other service provicers to make sure that every one is on the same page.


How far do you travel to cater an event?

  • We cover all of NC, VA, and SC on a regular basis. We will travel further. Give us a call if you are interested and we can discuss this more.


What size events do you cater?

  • Locally, we cater groups of more than 35 people. We consider local to be Vance, Granville and Warren county.
  • Events that are out of town are atleast 50 miles away.   A larger attendance is requested for out of town events because more work goes into those events. We request that out of town events have 75 or more people.


When is the latest I can reserve a date on your calendar?

  • This typically depends on if the date is booked or not. We can work on short notice if the date is available.


How do I make a reservation?

  • Call or send us an email.


Can you recommend a site for my party?

  • Yes. We are also working on trying to list some of the sites that we work with on a regular basis on our web page.


Is there a cost for getting you to recommend a site?

  • No. We don’t charge a planning cost.


Can you provide a tent?

  • I can make arrangements for it through a rental company. I can also help make arrangements for tables, chairs, linen, and silverware through a rental company.


How can you accomodate guests that are vegetarian?

  • We can create a menu that you request. We encounter this alot.


Do you provide flowers?

  • We prefer to recommend a florist.


Do you accept credit cards?

  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.


Do you require a deposit?

  • We require a deposit for personal and private events. Deposits are not required for university and corporate events.


Do you carry liability insurance?

  • Yes.


Do you have a contract?

  • Yes.


When is the guest count due?

  • A rough estimate is due 7 days before the event is to occur. A final count is due 48 hours before.


What happens if guest need to be added after a guest count has been submitted?

  • Typically we can serve about 10% more than the guest count. Beyond that, it could be a problem.


How are labor costs determined?

  • Labor costs are included in the menu prices. Labor costs are added if a party runs later than normal or if the distance is further than normal. Labor costs can also be affected by how people are involved.


Can I provide my own beverages?

  • Yes. We can make allowances for that if need be.


Can you provide shuttle service or help with parking?

  • We prefer to recommend a service provider who specializes in parking and/or transportation.


What can I expect to see in your proposal?

  • Menu
  • Service Wear
  • Linens
  • Quantity of staff
  • Costs
  • Any rental costs that may be involved


Do you recommend a baker for a wedding cake?

  • Yes.


Can you provide or recommend entertainment services?

  • We can recommend entertainment services.


Can you provide advice when selecting wines for my event?

  • We can help you decide how much wine or beer you will need.  We recommend places to go to get advice on wine and places to go to purchase the wine.


Should I have a bartender if alcohol is provided?

  • Yes.


Do you serve more than just buffet?

  • All of our menus are served buffet style unless you request table service which would be an extra charge for labor.